The purpose of the symposium is to exchange professional experience and recent technological advances in Earthquake Engineering and allied fields. Since the last Symposium held in December 2006, research has taken place covering multidimensional aspects of Earthquake Engineering has been conducted. During this period new policies at the national level have been debated and evolved, and limitations in providing relief measures during rescue operations have been realized. Lack of proper design to cater long return period disasters, poor quality of construction, inadequate administrative and legislative measures, problem of up-gradation of existing building stock, absence of appropriate mechanism for dissemination of technical know-how and awareness about earthquake resistant construction have formed the agenda of these debates. Appropriate plans and measures to be adopted at different administrative, technical and scientific levels have been devised by national bodies. This Symposium will provide a platform for researchers, professionals, planners and policy makers associated with Earthquake Engineering to share their views and opinions.